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High volume B2B speech to text conversion


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What is Wizzsmarts

WIZZSMARTS stands for Wizzard Speech Managed Audio Recognition Technology Service. WIZZSMARTS is a high volume hosted service created by a company with 25+ years experience developing applications and tools in the speech recognition field. The service provides you with flexible platforms, plus highly useful tools/functions, and gives you access to state of the art speech technology representing 30+ years of development and internal used by a telecom giant. The voice audio provided by you will be converted into un-edited text that can quickly be returned to you for any purpose.

Why Wizzsmarts

We are in the automatic speech recognition business so that you don’t have to be. Speech recognition can be a very productive tool for your company, but it can also be complicated. Its our business to make it simple and affordable for you. We know the business and want to be your silent partner to help your company become more competitive by getting your deliverables to you or your clients faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost to you.

Who Can Use Wizzsmarts

WIZZSMARTS is a high volume business to business service for large companies or service for businesses servicing large companies.   WIZZSMARTS provides enhanced ASR, combining accuracy with rapid turnaround and supportive tools … all at the lowest cost in the industry.

About Us

Wizzsmarts is brought to you by Wizzard Speech LLC, a company formed by the co-founder of Wizzard Software Corp, and staffed with speech veterans from IBM and AT&T. Wizzard Speech’s ASR services division has created multiple platforms, applications and tools that make Wizzsmarts more than just another ASR service.

Wizzard Speech’s objective is to be the preferred provider of Text to Speech technology through licensing and Automatic Speech Recognition through the Wizzsmarts Service. In both cases we offer high volume business users access to the finest speech technologies in the world at the most compelling prices in the industry.

Mining solutions

In todays world, the conversion of voice audio into text is a necessary part of many business processes, but its time consuming and expensive. We can help. Let us convert your voice audio into text and quickly return It to you for data mining, analysis, or any other use that your Service or Business requires.

  • Correctional facilities for inmate call search and discovery

  • Legal & medical offices for client interaction search-indexing-call retrieval

  • Various Call centers for customer interaction search-compliance-analytics

  • Financial institutions for customer interaction search-compliance-regulatory-analytics

  • Marketing firms for customer interaction search-compliance-regulatory

  • Governmental for search-discovery

How Our Automatic Speech Recognition Works

Highlights of our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service

  • No training required (Speaker Independent)
  • Analytics pre-fabricate custom dictionary modules
  • Meshes with existing templates, workflows, macros
  • Built-in speaker verification (English and Spanish)
  • Calibrates searchable audio with text or emotions
  • Delivers conversation transcriptions within a minute
  • Includes general, medical, and legal vocabularies
  • Two secure independent data centers

Much more than today’s Typical ASR services

  • Deploy via encrypted cloud or on premise
  • Toolkit for compliance & speech analytics
  • Massive volumes of data transcribed within a minute
  • We build specialized vocabularies on request
  • Total data privacy: you control your own records

Unmatched Flexibility and Affordability

  • Free trial on our dedicated platform
  • No setup fees, no commitments
  • Pay by minute, by line, or by site license
  • Free customer & API support
  • Windows plus iOS / Android apps

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