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We are constantly improving our technology and processes.

We Convert Voice into Text for Companies with Large amounts of voice audio.

The technology we use was developed to convert voice audio (from many sources) into text for a wide variety or purposes. We have implemented it so as to provide you with that conversion in a cost effective and responsive manner that will improve your business or the service you provide to your customers. We are focused on enhancing this technology through voice and specialty models so that we get better everyday… and that is good for you!


Improve Customer Service

Our Service can help you improve your Service to your customers by outsourcing the voice to text conversion portion of your Service to WIZZSMARTS.


Storage Retrieval From Text

Just one of many many reasons to use WIZZSMARTS. Make your voice audio manageable and usable.

Transcription Companies

Are you typing? ARE YOU STILL TYPING? That may not be the best way. WIZZSMARTS can quickly convert voice audio into un-edited text for your Company to complete.

Data Mining Companies

Conversion into text can help your company examine LARGE amounts of voice audio. WIZZSMARTS will do the conversion for you

Record Keeping Companies

Record Keeping can be costly and timely when done manually. WIZZSMARTS can provide your company with audio to text conversion that makes record keeping simple and more manageable. THINK VOLUME!

How it Works

– Client signs agreement and receives a onetime FREE 1000 LINE TRIAL – Client installs Windows-based application called WizzSMARTS:
1. WizzSMARTS connects to main or backup web server to schedule a job
2. Web server determines the best ASR Unit and instructs WizzSMARTS
3. WizzSMARTS uploads media file (audio) to selected ASR Unit. ASR Unit completes conversion and returns text to Client. – After satisfactory trial, Client buys X lines of future voice to text conversion
– Our ASR engine is speaker-independent, no training needed
– High volumes of audio can be converted to text in less than 2 minutes
– General, medical and legal vocabularies are supported
– Media files of most types (formats, frequencies) are accepted
– Any number of speakers, gender or accent are supported
– Better quality audio produces more accurate results
– Easy-to-use Windows-based client app is provided
– All communications are encrypted

We can convert multiple lines of audio into text with our service.


Manual typing of audio into text has become a thing of the past. WIZZSMARTS offers you a quick and cost effective way to convert large volumes of audio into text that you can do most anything with. WIZZSMARTS is faster and less labor intensive than typing.

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We provide quick turn around audio to text


Our service is a faster and more effective way to convert audio into text on a large scale. FREE 1000 LINE TRIAL Give us a try!

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