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General Voice to Text Conversion

In todays world, the conversion of voice audio into text is a necessary part of many business processes, but its time consuming and expensive. We can help. Let us convert your voice audio into text and quickly return It to you for editing, analysis, storage, datamining or any other use that your Service or Business requires.


WIZZSMARTS can save you time and money. You send us voice audio and we send you text. You do the editing. It’s that easy.

Business Analytics

Use WIZZSMARTS to convert voice audio into text and then use your company expertise to service your clients with information and recommendations.

What is This?


WIZZSMARTS stands for Wizzard Speech Managed Audio Recognition Technology Service. WIZZSMARTS is a high volume hosted service using state of the art technology that converts voice audio provided by you into un-edited text that can quickly be returned to your company for any purpose.

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Business Transcriptions

We are in the automatic speech recognition business so that you don’t have to be. Speech recognition can be a very productive tool for your company, but it can also be complicated, Its our business to make it simple and affordable for you. We know the business and want to be your silent partner to help your company become more competitive by getting your deliverables to your clients faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost to you.

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Can this handle analytics?

Analytic Transcription

Our service makes it easy to convert volumes of voice audio into text for analysis by you or service providers who specialize in that field.

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We can handle your volumes

We love volume.. Have LOTS of audio? Great… we thrive on volume! The more the better!

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Data Mining and Information Gathering

We can make datamining simple. Looking for answers? You send us the audio and we will quickly send you the text. Then you can find the information and answers you are looking for quicker and much more efficiently.

Storage Retrieval

Need quick access to volumes of data without delay, WIZZSMARTS can provide you with fast and efficient automated conversion to text for storage and/or retrieval by your company.
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Transcribe multiple audio files into text.

Large volume transcriptions

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